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The 5 Influential Roofing trends in 2018

Roofing trends have come along way from flat and gabled styles to eco-friendly and energy conservative. For some the environment and climate factors are driving force; to choose there roofing type, for some energy conservation is the primary concern and for others, it may just be the colour and shade of the roof that needs go with the new upgrade.

If you are thinking of upgrading your roof this year, we have found some interesting roofing trends for this year that may well affect or refine your thoughts before you build or upgrade.


Vivid Colors:

Roofers have predicted vivid colours for the year 2018. Homeowners seem to be deviating from subtle colours and earth tones, towards bright and vivid colours. Roofers and manufacturers seem to be well aware of this changing trends. Bright Red, brilliant white and moody blue is top of the list.


The most crucial feature of a good roofing is durability. There are many factors that affect the durability of roofs, but the most common being the environment; including storms and heavy rains. Concrete roofing has always been the builders 1st choice when it comes to durability. But thanks to technology, now there is more to concrete roofing then just durability. Waterproof, weight, sturdiness and colour are some good additional features to choose from.  

More Shapes:

Roof shapes have evolved considerably during the last few decades. Architects and engineers are adapting to new standards and more roofing designs are seen in modern architecture. Homeowners are now asking for creative and out of the box roofing shapes from architects and engineers to complement their luxury lifestyles, hence setting new standards in the roofing industry.

Energy Efficient:

When we are talking about new trends in roofing, energy conservation comes easily to the mind. Energy efficient buildings are becoming more popular, but residential consumers are not shying away from it either. Solar panel roofing is empowering homeowners to save on energy for the entire house. Tesla has already jumped on the bandwagon with their invisible solar cells with limitless customization options for roofs.

Energy efficient roofing is by far the most valuable investment for your home and roof.

Green & Eco-Friendly:

Due to population growth and increase in demand for housings in urban areas, we are running out of green spaces. This is also true for homegrown food and personal gardens. With the advancement and innovation of roofing technology, we can now grow fruits and vegetables on top of our roofs. Thanks to the waterproofing system this has become a reality and many homeowners and commercial building owners have taken to green roofing to live green and complement their local landscape.

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